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Power when you need it most.

Eclimo Power.™ The lightweight, high-capacity Plug & Play
battery pack of the future, powered by Lithium Ion technology.

Green energy for everyone.

Either as a backup power supply, or electricity on-the-go, Eclimo Power is your smart, safe and eco-friendly solution.

Charge Fast, Charge Cheap

Overnight full-charging equals convenient and productive use of the battery. A full charge costs only MYR0.15 sen, meaning huge savings versus petro-based gensets and lead-acid batteries.

High Capacity

With an amazing 380 watt-hour output capacity, power more electrical and electronic devices, for a longer period of time.

Portable & Hardy

Eclimo Power's internal circuits and electrical components are optimally secured and encased in a 0.5mm thick extruded aluminium casing, which makes it easily carried, stored and resilient to impact.

Safe & Green

No more noise or air pollution with loud and smoky petro-gensets or toxic lead-acid batteries. Eclimo Power is clean and powerful energy, safe for anyone, anywhere.

Life applications.
Power when you need it most.

Life's tough without electricity. With Eclimo Power, never suffer the full force of another power outage again.

Plug your life devices into Eclimo Power.

Lighting & Fans

AV Devices

Outdoor Activities

Medical & Emergencies


...and More!


The Eclimo Power battery pack can last for over 500 charge/discharge cycles, while still maintaining 70% charging capacity. After which, the battery pack will still be useable for a few hundred cycles, although you may experience a gradual decrease in capacity.
Based on TNB charges and tariff rates 2014, the total cost is RM0.15 per full charge or an average RM54.75 per year. Compare this with diesel/petro generators, minimum diesel/petro cost Rm5.00 for a mere 4 hours or RM1,825.00 per year, exclusive of the generator set and maintenance costs.
Eclimo Power battery packs are offering reseller programs as we believe in sharing this revolutionary technology for consumers worldwide, and instil a culture of safe and sustainable energy. Please contact us here.
As this is a new product in an emerging market, we have decided that the current 380watt-hour capacity was most suitable for an entry-level consumer product. However, our technology is modular and yes, we may in the future be launching both bigger and smaller capacity battery packs for other uses.

  • Rechargeable Lithium Power, Capacity: 380watt-hours
  • Output: AC240V/100W & DC5V 1A USB port
  • Regular speed recharge with Power Adapter. 19Vdc, 5Amp (included)
  • High-speed recharge with PV module 19Vdc to 21Vdc (optional)
  • Capacity remains at 70% after 500 cycles (charge and discharge=1cycle)
  • Warranty: 1year

Eclimo Power was designed and manufactured with proprietary technology of Eclimo Sdn Bhd - a Malaysian company specializing in electric motorcycles and other vehicles.
Visit www.eclimo.com.my for more details.

How much power does Eclimo Power pack?

Let's sum up the Eclimo Power facts.

Charge Cycles

sen per Full Charge

Watt-Hour Capacity

Months Warranty

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